Post-YAC Survey

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Seventh Annual
Youth Action Conference
Feedback Survey

Please fill out this survey now! All answers are anonymous and confidential.

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General Reflection
How would you rate your overall YAC experience?
Are you happy you attended the YAC?
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Please share two skills you learned from attending the conference
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What is one thing you would like changed at the YAC?
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YAC 2018 Plenary and Workshop Sessions
What did you think of the plenary sessions and their speakers?
Special Speaker: Candace Gingrich
Opening Plenary (Intersectional Feminism)
Special Speaker: Secretary Eric Gutshall
Saturday Morning Plenary (Sexual Health Education)
Saturday Afternoon Plenary (LGBTQ+ Healthcare)
Our Lives Plenary (Youth Leaders)
Keynote Speaker (Ericka Hart)
Closing Plenary (Tyler Titus)
Which plenary sessions were most meaningful to you and your work? Why? Any general comments on your plenary session experience are welcome here.
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What did you think of the workshop sessions?Leave blank or select n/a for sessions you did not attend
Advancing Freedom and Justice for LGBTQ Pennsylvanians (Preston Heldibridle)
LGBTQ Org 101/201 (Ashe Helm-Hern√°ndez)
Public Engagement, the Art of Advocacy and Activism (Joanne Carroll)
Let's Talk Relationships for People with Disabilities (Kaye Lenkner, Melia Lenkner)
Living Proudly, Living Longer: Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drugs and the LGBT Community (Adrian Shanker, Atticus Ranck)
Helping Each Other and Ourselves: Mental Health (Melinda Eash)
Together We Rise: 2018 and the Fight for LGBTQ Equality (Allison VanKuiken)
Sexual Violence and the LGBTQ Communities (Louie Marven, Jackie Strohm)
Protecting Our Selves: A plan for self-care (Tyler Titus)
Building Training Skills: Change begins with You! (Vanessa Davis)
Navigating Romance and Sex: From Healthy Poly Relationships to Hook Up Apps (Anne Wolfe, Hansen Bursic)
What is Gender Anyway?: Advocating for Culturally Competent Care (Karen Foley)
Which workshops were most meaningful to you and your work? Why? Any general comments on your workshop session experience are welcome here.
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Did you enjoy the film screening of Saturday Church?
Did you feel as though you were represented in various aspects of the conference? (Diversity of speakers, session topics, food, etc...)
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Logistics Feedback
What did you think of holding the conference in Harrisburg?
How was Harrisburg as a host city for the YAC?
How was the registration process?
Did you find the YAC website helpful before the conference?
Please share any recommendations you have for improving the YAC website
If applicable, how did you find the host hotel accommodations?
How did you cover your expenses to attend the YAC?
Please evaluate the use of time at the conference. (ex: Were there enough breaks? Were sessions not long enough? etc.)
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Was having counselors at the YAC helpful to you?
Was having HIV testing at the YAC helpful to you?
Any other health supports you feel would be important to have at the YAC?
Ahead: The Eighth Annual YAC!
Would you be interested in attending the YAC next year?
Would you attend the YAC 2019 focused on...
Other theme suggestions...
In general, please share two issues most pressing to you in your LGBTQ community work
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Location Preference!

State College / Penn State University ParkIn the direct center of PA!
PittsburghThe Steel City
#YACtheCapitol in HarrisburgHold the conference once again in Harrisburg
Rural community / retreat center in the midstateA peaceful retreat gathering, not in a major city
PhiladelphiaThe City of Queer Love
Scranton/Wilkes-BarreNEPA Rises!
ErieA YAC on the Bay
Other YAC location suggestions...
Would an LGBTQ community resource fair at the YAC be useful for you? Why?
Would you like to have the YAC schedule modified at all?
Is the YAC at the right time of year?
What is one thing you would like to see at the YAC in 2019?
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Additional Comments
Any additional comments to share on your YAC experience?
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