YAC 2018

The Youth Action Conference 2018

Alive to Thrive: Advocating for Healthier Communities


What does this year’s theme mean?

This year’s YAC theme, Alive to Thrive: Advocating for Healthier Communities, is a call to action for LGBTQ youth to discuss the most pressing physical and mental health issues facing their communities. With the recent attacks on trans youth healthcare under the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in Harrisburg and the removal of the remaining Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS in Washington D.C., it is of critical importance for queer and trans youth to learn how to advocate for themselves and their community members.

What kinds of programming should attendees expect at this year’s YAC?

The conference will include plenaries on substance abuse, LGBTQ+ healthcare access, and intersectional feminism, as well as sessions on topics ranging from disability rights and HIV/AIDS awareness to invisible illnesses and healthy relationships. This year’s YAC aims to explore not only these isolated concerns, but also how they intersect and the effects that they have on different identities and communities.

How was this year’s theme chosen?

Member of PYC’s staff selected this year’s theme due to its cultural and societal relevance, as well as its prominence in the media rhetoric surrounding LGBTQ youth in Pennsylvania. It is our hope that this theme will further and destigmatize the conversations around physical and mental health issues in our shared communities and beyond.